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    Children's Party Bags

    A party is just around the corner;

    Yippee, it’s time to buy the party bags.

    Oh no, those packets on the shelf don’t match the number of guests…

    8 pots of this and 10 boxes of that, 15 bottles of bubbles and 11 bouncy balls…

    And the items in your drawer pile up…

    Hey, here comes Billy Biscuit, the magic hero to call.

    With Billy’s party bags, children and parents are happy and calm.

    You only pay for the bags that are used.

    If you invite 30 children and only 25 arrive,you are only charged for 25 bags !

    Billy Biscuit’s party bags are only £1.50 each and they are typically:

    A tall, clear Unisex Party Bag printed with Stars & Streamers, containing:

    a mini air horn blower

    a pot of bubbles

    a balloon

    a bouncy ball

    a temporary tattoo

    a punchball balloon.

    Remember, you only pay for those bags you actually use.

    Also The Billy Biscuit Balloon Modelling Kit makes a fantastic present for any fun-loving boy or girl in addition or instead of party bags! Get the party going right now: Tel: 0800 1164734

    Remember, you only pay for those bags you actually use.

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